The INSECTS ROCK! (Lyrics and Music by Corey Leland) BMI 63 songs on 5 CDS (physical cds include full lyric booklet)

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Email me at Corey@CoreyLeland.com...$7 each for the best written, most helpful catalog of songs for that genre ever created...in my not very humble estimation...Corey Leland & The Insects Rock! your Birthday, School, Festival, Event. etc...I also open to perform a few hours worth of hits of the 1970's. (mix in a few 80's and 60's) for your party. :)

Interview with Corey Leland from 2/2016 at Pierce College "The Body Show with David Lona is a show that focuses on the current professional techniques used to take care of the body. On this episode David interviews Corey Leland, a children’s songwriter and a spiritual guru as he discusses living a vegetarian healthy lifestyle and aging. Corey explains how the body is a learning device. He also mentions how what we eat effects our bodies. He talks about how animals are slaughtered, and how the cruelty in the food industry can be connected to a cruel society. Corey reminds us that we are what we eat, while discussing how he would rather not eat the pain and fear associated with the beef and poultry industry." http://kpcradio.com/the-body-show-02-22-16-aging-vegetarian/

Interview with Corey Leland 9/21/2015 at Pierce College http://kpcradio.com/the-body-show-09-21-15-forget-yourself/Still hopeful to find the right creative company/team/money...to assist in the creation/production of The INSECTS ROCK! A television show or movie about a pop band of bugs....funny, smart, funny, cute, did I mention they are funny! Emotional super heroes...Beatlemania famous, The Insects Rock! are a touring pop band on their way to doing famous band things, our heroes meet and teach distraught kids, teachers, parents, a kind of deep spirituality this world so desperately needs.

The deep/high Spirituality is presented in such a brilliantly simple way that even very young children can practice. The INSECTS ROCK! is beyond empowering, beyond the empowerment levels we presently as a species are accessing... (Mommies and Daddies also desperately need the peace and inner strength this brand inspires) This show is for all of humanity, the intention is to raise more intelligent, happy, peaceful, enlightened humans. It is both timely and timeless. So desperately needed by society, but maybe not this society, I suppose in some parallel universe there are people that see the need, have the wear-with-all and want to create helpful entertainment.

I have long said that one of the best things you can do for a child is to help Dad and Mom to be at peace. The Insects Rock! characters are extra terrestrial wise, there has never been a brand or series like the show as I envision it...Rock and rollers that double as emotional super heroes with catchy songs that carry important messages. Supplemental Parenting. It never was my plan to write/record songs for young children. It found me as my first professional songwriting/music producing job. I kept going with it for a few years after and wrote and recorded these 63 songs. I never planned to write and record for kids/families. I have been counseling "grown ups" for many years... Turns out, children are just young, small humans. Same wants, fears, feelings etc as adults. I understand humans, so it was an easy career move. ...Proud of the fact that this brand is outside the box for the genre, giving kids more credit to absorb more wisdom at an earlier age. I never dumbed my writing down to speak to kids. The Corey Leland & The Insects Rock is work that I feel good about having created. I always hoped and intended it could be a voice of sanity to a child who may not be surrounded by enough peace, love, wisdom and joy.https://itunes.apple.com/.../corey-leland.../id418659892


Notable quotes from Spiritual teacher Corey Leland...

Happy New Year! Got any resolutions? How about awakening out of the time/space/body illusion. It's a rare being that understands the Spiritual goal and makes the consistent attempt to transcend the dreamworld.. Humans are constantly preoccupied with thoughts of past or future, those thoughts keep up hypnotized, trapped, lifetime after lifetime in the time/space/body/dream. Meditation is essential to the goal of living. Overcoming the preoccupation with thought is a giant step in the direction of Spiritual awakening. Earth is the realm of opposites and we are constantly occupied with thoughts of how good or bad something is, thoughts of opposites like past and future keep us hypnotized. Time is the great illusion. Awakening is my resolution. I am available via phone or in person in the Los Angeles area to help anyone sincerely interested in meditation.


"Popular as Christmas is, it is sad that very, very few know how to meaningfully participate in Christmas as a Spiritual exercise. Think of human consciousness with fears, violence, frustration, disease, upset in all the forms - as a manger. The manger is a lowly, smelly place where farm animals sleep. Human consciousness is likely the lowest place in the Universe. Into that dark and lowly place, through prayer and meditation....make yourself a willing receiver, in an atmosphere of receptivity, as an act of deep consciousness, make your self the manger into which the birth of Christ (the Spirit of God) can be born more fully into your awareness, into the human realm, a light in the darkness...Only Christ can enter into our consciousness to shine away the darkness of the propagandized, conditioned, hypnotized humanhood. Christ's purpose and function is to cleanse, heal, enlighten, renew, restore and when necessary resurrect. We are meant to give the intangible gifts like forgiveness, send silent blessings of peace and joy to those you encounter, speak with on the phone, text or just even think of...Accepting healing for all beings as you accept it for yourself. I am inviting all humans to unite in this shared intention at the top of each hour, for five minutes, whenever you care to participate." ~ Corey Leland & The Insects Rock

You've heard of Creationism?, Evolution? Maybe even intelligent design? Ladies and Gentleman, may I present to you an ancient yet new world view, "Not actually happening-ism" ~ Corey Leland

In a very real way each of us must say "No!" to tyranny. You must choose, claim Eternal joy and freedom in God, from deep within your mind. The true Self (Spirit) can not be bound, however you must "know the truth and the truth will make you free" The truth isn't going to make anyone free simply floating around in the air. Politicians, schools, military, medical doctors, no one is going to do it for you. You must deeply, deliberately, consistently know within yourself, through meditation...that you are an eternally free being in Christ (the Spirit of God). As a Spiritual leader, I would invite all humans to unite in this exercise at the top of each hour...whenever you care to participate. Think of it as a new way to vote. ~ Corey Leland

"We're all familiar with the famous Gandhi quote "Be the change." Still, because of how we are conditioned we confuse being with doing. Being is not doing. Being is having. Doing may or not be an extension of Being. We each individually need to be the freedom within ourselves. Now and always. Build that consciousness of inner freedom through right identification with God. Eternal, un-threatenable Spirit as your Divine Reality. Being freedom is an inner state of consciousness we individually can and must develop. Meditation is absolutely essential." ~ Corey Leland

The True Self, the part that God created "in the image and likeness" is Spirit. While we dream of "this world" Spirit remains untouched by the things of time, space, body and persona. Our Real nature has neither birthday nor death day. ~ Corey Leland

"I am inviting all humans to unite in prayer/meditation at the top of each hour for five minutes, whenever you comfortably care to participate...In times of crisis (no need to wait) pray/meditate with Me for five minutes at the top of each hour. Think of it as a new way to vote. Not just for today, not just for tomorrow, but from now on. Pray for safety, peace, enlightenment, Salvation. Accept it as you would accept an Oscar or Grammy on behalf of everyone as you receive it for yourself. More united as the United States than ever before in history, at the top of each hour." ~ Corey Leland

 Halloween 2015 message.

"Many of us will be attending costume parties this evening. I am no expert on the history of the holiday but I am a Spiritual student/teacher and choose to give it a Holy Spiritual meaning. Halloween can be an excellent reminder "Judge not after appearances." "Judge not after appearances" means that what you are seeing with your eyes is never the truth. The only Truth there is about anyone is the Truth about God. There is no other truth to know. When you are at a Halloween party, never do you actually believe you are seeing the "real" Ronald Regan, Darth Vader, Frankenstein...etc...Do you? No, you know better. You see through the appearance to a deeper truth. Here's my point, everyday can be like Halloween if you are living the mystical life. From the deepest/highest mystical perspective, this world is an illusion. There is no world and there are no people. Nothing is good, nothing is bad, Earth living, human consciousness is unreality and that is all. You are awake in the dream. So whenever you think you see a human being or a cat or dog? "Judge not after appearances" "Righteous judgement" is seeing only God. The invisible Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent life force that is appearing as everyone and everything. What am I dressing up as tonight? I'm just gonna be like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and stay in. There's no place like home." ~ Corey Leland




 It's difficult to realize, nearly impossible to discover that you aren't the you that you thought you were. "Who you were meant to be in the first place" is Spirit. In the "Image and likeness of God" This world of time, space, people, places, things is a prison like matrix, an illusory dream state of separation from God. The spiritual goal has nothing to do with attraction or creating reality, humans can't create reality...through human, mortal sense and it's thought system you project unreality. The true path is one of undoing, of awakening from the dream of the false self image you thought was you. ~ Corey Leland

"The urge/willingness to leave this world, is essential to Real Spiritual growth. Often times suicide is a spiritual impulse misdiagnosed and misunderstood. An opportunity lost. With the proper counseling, willingness to leave is one of the most powerful tools for Spiritual growth. I'm not referring to a physical death, just the willingness in meditation to leave it all behind. As the Buddha explained "Attachment and desire are the root of all suffering" The willingness to let it all go at any moment is necessary to deep Spirituality. I am available for the finest in such counseling via the telephone or in person in the Los Angeles area." ~ Corey Leland




The "I AM" has been revealed by Krishna, Moses, Buddha and Christ. "I AM FREE" is a wonderful mantra. However, it only makes sense, it is only valuable when the student is aware He is not referring to the body or it's persona. It is the unconditioned mind that is the "I AM THAT I AM" The Spirit of God in man/woman is the Christ.



"It occurs to me that racism comes largely because as humans we are not taught (purposefully to keep us controllable and powerless) Oneness with Spirit. Without conscious union with Spirit as our true identity, we are overly identified with body, mortal sense and it's thought system. That system is a system of separation. Isolation, seemingly trapped inside a flesh cage. Without deep, profound realization of Oneness with Spirit and the awareness that everyone and everything is included in that Omnipresence....You have people grasping for identity and the easiest way to think you know who you are is to separate, distance yourself further from and demonize others." ~ Corey Leland


In response to a meme of the rebel flag vs. the U.S. flag, claiming the U.S. flag is just as bad..."I considered this and understand the point it is making, the difference is that, for a period, the flag of the United States also meant the Bill of Rights, the Constitution..the dignity of the individual. Freedom from oppression. Things mostly only have the meaning that you individually give them...As things accelerate and drama unfolds, it will be good to remember that In the deep high Spiritual truth "this world" as Jesus referred to it is neither good nor bad, just unreal. Illusory. It needs to be seen through, we need to be awake in the dream..."in the world but not of it" watch it unfold from the front row, as if in movie theater...The goal of Earth is to outgrow and escape mortal sense, to awaken into Divine Spiritual Reality. For what it's worth, I don't think we'll be having flags much longer. Maybe some new ones but it won't be either of these two. (if you know what I mean)" ~ Corey Leland

"Keep in mind as you are talking that only God exists, appearing as everyone and everything. People are characters in your dream. When you see someone as a person..in that same instant you have made yourself a person. In Truth there are no people. ~ Corey Leland

"We've all heard the phrase "There is no "I" in team" My sense is that that phrase was designed and promoted by societal engineers in an effort to minimize the significance of the most important word in all the Bible. "I." The capital "I" refers to God. The indwelling Spirit of Christ. The "Kingdom within" The "I" is not a person or a body. There may not be an "I" in team but there is an "I" in Spiritual Truth, the only lasting freedom. The only Reality." ~ Corey Leland

5/10/15 Mothers Day message...Most of us were raised hearing God referred to as Father. But you can also think of God as Mother. Better still, consider both...The qualities we associate with the best of all possible Mothers and the qualities we would identify with the best of all possible Fathers are to be attributed to God and accepted, relaxed in and enjoyed through meditation. Think of it this way with me for a minute. You just got out of the Ocean or a pool and are now laying on your beach towel or lounge chair. Rather than think of it as sunshine, feel now in this moment rays of those qualities we would attribute to the best of all possible Mothers and Fathers. Rays of protection, support, provision, instruction, guidance, non judgement, unconditional love, shared identity. The sun doesn't ask if you've been good or bad, it just is what it is. You don't need to lay there constantly repeating "I am getting warm, I am getting tan" it just is what it is and need not be created by thoughts. It's already there all the time but we as humans block awareness with constant preoccupation with thoughts about past, future, wanting, fearing, hating, attaining achieving, bodily concerns, time things. Meditation is accepting what is already there, a relationship with the qualities and quantities we would associate with the best of all possible Fathers and Mothers and then so much more...a changeless bond, Eternal relationship of Oneness that far transcends anything of the Earth. It is a relationship that needs to be practiced often because we are so conditioned by society to the illusion of separation, this whole world is based on that false sense of separation. Practice the relationship of the best of all possible Mothers, Fathers, friends and lovers with me as you care to at the top of each hour for five minutes. Yes, when I am home, I practice every waking hour for those five minutes at the top of each hour. Don't become fanatical about it but consistency adds up and if you make that relationship your top priority, it will become very Real to you. This world is so hypnotic the relationship must be frequently practiced to be accessed and enjoyed. ~ Corey Leland"


This world of time/space/persona/body is not to be enjoyed nearly as much as it is to be outgrown and escaped as quickly as possible, through high consciousness and meditation." ~ Corey Leland 


The only problem in the world is that you believe Earth is Real. You want the illusion to be true. You think there is a world. There is no world but you think you are a person with a body, past, future and problems. If you understand this, you can see why the "Law of attraction" is such a futile con game. You do create your "Reality" and you created a prison of time and flesh. Trying to improve it is a fools game. (and very a very profitable deception) Escaping, awakening is the goal of any True Spiritual path. ~ Corey Leland


"I HAVE A DREAM that one day people will judge each other not by physical appearance OR the content of their character.... but will evolve to the point where they are able discern the Omnipresent, underlying-invisible Spiritual perfection as the only Reality of being." ~ Corey Leland

"There is no such thing as a Spiritual person. The term "Spiritual person" is an oxy moron. People are people and Spirit is Spirit." ~ Corey Leland


"How about a little more tolerance of intolerance."


"Happy Passover 2015. Friends, both Passover and Easter are about the overcoming (the appearance of) threat, danger and death. Moses and Jesus are Spiritual Super Heroes but they both, as all great teachers do, lead by example with the message "Go and do likewise" and "Greater works than these shall you do." If we are to "have that mind that was in Christ Jesus" or Moses, we'll need to develop the consciousness that recognizes there is no threat. Nothing threatening exists. At the level of Reality, only God exists and God did not create anything that could harm itself. The Truth is not going to make anyone free just floating around in the air, it has to be known. Deliberately, repeatedly, constantly known as an activity of consciousness. Holidays like Passover and Easter are reminders of the most important Truth we can practice knowing...Nothing threatening exists.If you feel so inclined, meditate with me at the top of each hour, five minutes or more. (or whenever you remember or want to practice) I suggest the only words you use are these, Nothing threatening exists. Put your initial attention on the perceived threats both those that are seemingly personal to you and those that seem to be global. Say these words within yourself very slowly. Nothing threatening exists. Feel the experience of strength, of complete dominion. This is the only way we can turn the tide of the tyranny and oppression in the external. The parting of the Red Sea is not accomplished by using buckets to bail water. ~ Corey Leland


"If you "die" still believing this world holds something that you want, something of value, if you still believe there is something to find outside of yourself, through time and body senses...You will be tricked/trapped into returning. If you understand this then you have some work to do in preparation for transition." ~ Corey Leland


"We're all familiar with Gandhi's quote "Be the change in the world that you wish to see." I have a different take on it and it goes something like this..."Reality is always what it is, it does not deviate from bad to good or good to bad, nothing in external world of time/space/bodies has any reality whatsoever, therefore in a world where everything seems to be changing, be the changeless." ~ Corey Leland


 "If there is such a thing as karma, if there is any truth, any merit to the famous Bible teaching of "You reap what you sew" "Do unto others" "thou shalt not steal" ...Most of the problems of humanity can be attributed to the systematic cruelty, the concentration camp like nightmare known as factory farms. Go veggie." ~ Corey Leland


"the Kingdom of God is within you" and "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God" are quotes from our Master. We have the Kingdom of Reality within us but we essentially say, "I don't want the Kingdom of everything...I want to wander in a dream of time/space/bodies and I insist on finding happiness out here in the Matrix, through the body senses...and I need more time!
The purpose of the body is to strive, it is inherently unfulfilled. To seek externally requires body senses and time, both of which are ultimately discovered to be illusory. So, while happiness is actually always where we are, we are not consciously where it is or can be recognized." ~ Corey Leland


Just sent this letter to AGAPE, (a famous Church here in L.A.)


I have been a dedicated Spiritual student of both The Infinite Way and A Course in Miracles for over 25 years.
When at home, I meditate at the top of each waking hour for five-minutes since April of 1992.
I have listened to audio of both paths all through the nighttime hours since the early 1990's.
I present a uniquely powerful message, very out-of-the-box available to vibe together via the phone or in person in the Los Angeles area.

"The Law of Attraction was designed, implemented and promoted by dark occultists/power elite to (continue to) point humanity in the wrong direction. It's an easy sell (books, seminars, etc) because the human condition is inherently unfulfilled. True Spirituality has nothing to do with adding illusions to illusion, it's not about attraction or addition, but rather has everything to do with subtraction. Thoughts are not power, they project unreality. The Divine center need not be created, rather it is to be discovered" ~

"If we are interested in the evolution of the human species, we will quickly need to go far beyond anything
MLK ever dreamed of"

"John Lennon had it wrong, imagine no Earth"

and "Thoughts are chains that bind us to time and mortality"...The two main quotes from Jesus Christ that I base my presentation on are "Take no thought for your life" and "My Kingdom is not of this world"

I am a professional singer, songwriter, performer and will be a dynamic, entertaining, uplifting, empowering messenger
for your service. I just made my public debut as a Spiritual Teacher on Feb. 3rd at the Onion for their "Full moon, World Peace, Healing Ceremony. I believe it can be found on Youtube.
25 years in dedicated preparation to serve, I am ready for Agape and whatever else Heaven suggests.

Peace and Happiness,

Corey Leland.

 I am open to partnering with an editor to help me to put my book "Outgrow and Escape" together for release. I provide the content, you format and prepare for print. Qualified? Interested? Email corey@coreyleland.com or call the number on my website. Literary agent? I am ready for publishing deal. Manager? I am a world-class teacher and available for public speaking engagements.

May I suggest if you care to listen to samples of my recordings, click on the itunes! link as the samples there are better.

If you know anyone who might be interested in creating the most helpful show for kids/family, I have a band of emotional

super hero bugs called The Insects Rock!





Corey Leland & The Insects Rock!

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